About our products

Why do I need Geni?

You don't! But if you want to soften your hair, prevent dryness and/or irritations, you might want to try Geni. If not we can still give you loads of tips on how to stay comfortable!

Can I cure any infections with Geni Soothe?

If you have any intimate infections we highly recommend seeing a doctor! Infections are usually cured with special treatments and medications and your doctor will hopefully know how to help you.

What is the pH-level of Geni Soothe?

Our intimate oil Geni Soothe is an oil blend meant to combat dryness. Oils do not have a pH, which means it will not interfere with your own pH.  

What is the scent of your products?

We do not add any perfume to our products since it's not about hiding or covering your natural scent. However, our products have a mild scent that will disappear after a while. 

Other questions

Can I use Geni Soothe on my vulva instead of intimate soap?

Yes! Vulvas do not need soap at all! To keep your vulva clean, water is all you need! If it gets dry easily, you might want to use an oil to seal moisture. Geni Soothe is an great alternative for that.

Can I use Geni on my penis?

Yes! Our intimate oil, Geni Soothe, helps combat dryness on the penis. It can also dissolve dried smegma or work as a very gentle and mild cleaning agent.

I want a refund! What do I do?

Send us an e-mail and we will of course help you out!  E-mail: info@geni.care

Who founded Geni?

Geni was founded by two best friends with vulvas.

Do not hesitate to e-mail us! We are a brand new business so we appreciate all your queries and concerns!