There are so many misconceptions on how to take care of your intimate areas. After talking to gynecologists it became clear to us - neither vaginas nor vulvas need more than water for cleansing. Therefore, we will never market any cleansers but gladly provide you with products for your intimate comfort.

For several years we struggled to find intimate care that resonated with our beliefs and wishes. We wanted intimate products without harmful and unnecessary ingredients; products that weren’t scented or claimed to clean our private areas. For a lot of people with vaginas, there is stigma surrounding the smell of their private area, and a lot of those warped ideas come from brands telling us to smell like roses or vanilla between our legs.  

The idea was born in Paris, the summer of 2017, and became reality a year later. We began blending our own natural products at home: Powders to prevent chafing and redness after shaving and oils that would keep our bodies happy.  In the spring of 2020 we started collaborating with our manufacturer in Svedala. Our products follow EU-standards and regulations and suits even the most sensitive skin.